Travel Tips

1) Make a list of what you will need on your trip.

And, in particular, not a general list but a list of what you will logically need every day, so that you do not forget at least the essentials.


2) Ask for information from people you trust about your destination

If a friend of yours has visited the city / country / island you are going to, then what better way than to ask for helpful information that will really help you in an hour of need but also make your trip easier? In other words, do not limit yourself to restaurants and cafes, but ask for useful phones, addresses, local habits, etc.


3) Do not pack at the last minute

If you pack a few hours before you leave, then it is very likely that you will not put things in your luggage properly – in the absence of time – losing valuable space and forgetting some of your things. Treat the moment of preparation with the “reverence” she deserves and you will not lose.


4) Always have copies of your official documents with you

Mischief happens sometimes, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for them. In case you lose any of your official documents, such as passport, ID, etc., all the procedures you will need to do if you have copies will be much easier. Even better, leave the official documents in a security box at the hotel where you are staying and take the copies with you on the road.


5) You have your devices charged

And no, the primary reason is not to be able to take pictures where you go but to be able to communicate if you need anything, to consult your maps and so on.


6) Download the maps you will need on your mobile phone

And since we’ve said maps, find the maps you’ll need before your trip, download them and have them on your cell phone so you can use them at any time, whether you have a signal or not, or have MB available on your cell phone or not.


7) Be anywhere a little earlier than you should

Airport, check in at the hotel, appointment with tour guide and so many other occasions where the accuracy of the appointment plays a big role in a beautiful and restless trip. You don’t have to shout your name in “Last call for Paris” and run like crazy.


8) Don’t have your money in public view

Never carry the wallet in the back pocket of your pants or anywhere else that can easily be accessed by a foreign hand. If you have inside pockets in a jacket, it is ideal, ideally you have a backpack and wear it on the front of your torso, as if you were wearing a purse.


9) Take photos on your mobile phone with useful information

As part of the research you will logically do for your trip before it’s time to leave, it’s a good idea to take some photos with the important and useful information you need, as you may not have internet access at some point and may not be able to find.


10) Check the expiration date of your passport in time

If you need your passport to travel, then you should check long before its expiration date as, if you need a renewal, the process takes a reasonable amount of time and you may risk losing your trip.



Save the embassy phones in the country you want to visit. In any difficulty or question you have, you will be served immediately.

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